About Us

Making fitness approachable

FitDote aims at creating a health and fitness enthusiastic community through an interactive platform by catering those who provide, prepare and pursue the sentiment of holistic well-being.

As users engage with FitDote, it provides them useful insights about their body and encouragesthem to take better choices so that they could lead a healthier, happier and fulfilling life.

Small Commitments + Smart Choices = Better Health

Benefits of Enlisting on FitDote:

For Users

We help users pick from a diverse range of fitness facilities near them so as to ensure they have an enjoyable and fruitful workout.

A complete health management system that helps users monitor, maintain and improve their health whilst enabling your trainer/mentor to guide you through the journey

For Facilities

Through FitDote facilities get an opportunity to curate their facility to a large number of potential customers.

A dedicated customer management dashboard allows facility owners to serve their customers better by providing ease to manage and engage with them.

For Trainers

With a trainer Portfolio over FItdote, fitness trainers get a chance to showcase their skills and experience to a wider clientele.

Trainers can also create theirpersonalized diet and workout plans to provide the right guidance to those who request it.