Corporate Wellness

Fitdote brings an opportunity for corporates to step out of their workplace and step into their innerspace.

The Need For A Corporate Retreat

An Outstation retreat allows executives to build a sense of team spirit so that they can rediscover the zeal towards their work. An insightful retreat will help them lower their stress levels, they will feel energised and will ensure the work quality to their utmost potential.

Benefits Of An Outstation Retreat

In a world that is totally dominated by the internet, a guided spiritual retreat brings a chance to bond with oneself and surf theinnernet.

Benefits Of A Retreat


Through the skills gained over the retreat, the employee willdevelop a sense of togetherness and familiarity.

Morale Boost

Employees will learn the pleasant aspects of work. Revitalizing them and inspiring them to find satisfaction with work.


A feeling of liberation will help stimulate creativity and provide productive results.


An inter-department interaction can help bloom business deals.

Components Of The Retreat

The outstation retreat is a collection of various team building exercises and expeditions to make executives efficient and help them build a sense of trust towards their colleagues.

Patrons will go Through a spiritual awakening so that they can manifest their talents, skills, and ideas that they never thought they can cherish.